Mullard – The Blackburn Thermionic Valve (Vacuum Tube) Factory

Founded by Captain Stanley Mullard the Mullard Valve company became one of the major names in the manufacture of thermionic valves, or vacuum tubes as our American cousins called them. The Mullard name also became synonymous with the manufacture of cathode ray tubes used in television sets and they made other components such as capacitors too. The giant Dutch Phillips company was […]

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Cheap USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives are widely available and over the years memory capacities have grown and prices have fallen. I was in a Tesco supermarket recently and noticed on the aisle end display of accessories that they had an offer on USB flash drives that made them look reasonably priced for a major chain store. Having said that I reflected that […]

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How To Wire A Mains Plug

Back in the not too distant past when you bought a new television or toaster it would come without a plug on the end of the mains cable. Some retailers might fit one for you if you were lucky but normally you had to buy a plug and fit it yourself. Over the years I have come across many badly […]

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