Fancy making a Useless Can?

I am never quite sure what to make of Kickstarter, the web site where people canvass for financial backing for their projects, but while browsing my eye was caught by the Useless Can – DIY Kit for Everyone by InnoTechnix. The Useless Can turns up as a kit of parts which you assemble using everyday tools and without needing to […]

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The Gtech Multi cordless hand held vacuum cleaner video review

Innovative British company Gtech specialise in cordless rechargeable cleaning and garden tools. One of these is the Gtech Multi cordless hand held vacuum cleaner which Gtech claim is the perfect partner to their AirRam cordless vacuum cleaner. Powered by a rechargeable 22 volt lithium ion battery the Gtech Multi delivers 30 minutes of cleaning from a four hour charge. The […]

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Cleaning the cyclones on a Dyson DC17 vacuum cleaner to improve suction

Does your Dyson vacuum cleaner lack suction? If you have replaced the filters without solving the problem then cleaning the cyclone assembly may make a difference. Below are two videos demonstrating the cyclone being disassembled and reassembled on a Dyson DC17 vacuum cleaner. The first video is short and silent, the second longer with a commentary. To take apart the […]

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