Q: What on earth is a ‘Digital Air Compressor’? A: A fancy name for a car tyre pump

A sales email from Eurocarparts landed in my inbox with an offer on a ‘Digital Air Compressor’. What, I wondered, is a digital air compressor? In all my years I have never come across digital air.

It turns out what they were trying to sell me was actually a 12 volt electric tyre pump that plugs into a cars cigarette lighter socket, the digital bit is a simple digital LCD display which shows the tyre pressure.

Describing it as a ‘Digital Air Compressor’ seems something of a stretch to me but it seems others use the same trick to sell ‘digital compressors’ and a’digital tyre inflater’.

As well as the own brand model from Eurocarparts there is a Draper Mini Digital Compressor Air Pump on offer from Toolstation and Argos are advertising both a Michelin 12V Digital Tyre Inflator and a Ring Digital 12V Tyre Compresser.

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