An old ITT TV advert featuring Raymond Baxter

While looking for something else I came across this old television advert on YouTube and thought it worth sharing.

It features Raymond Baxter using a test card to explain the benefits of buying an ITT colour television.

Raymond Baxter was a well known television presenter who was probably best known for being a presenter on the BBC technology programme ‘Tomorrows World‘ between 1965 and 1977. I would imagine this ITT advert would have been made shortly after his departure from the BBC show when his endorsement of a television manufacturer would have been seen to carry a certain amount of kudos.

The American company ITT used to assemble television sets in a factory in the UK which if memory serves me right continued to manufacture ‘retailer own brand‘ TVs based on an ITT design after ITT pulled out of European television production. Can anyone confirm this?

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