10kg wash load Panasonic NA-140VX4 washing machine

Mention Panasonic and laundry is probably not the first thing that comes to mind but Panasonic washing machines have been on sale for a while now.

Panasonic NA-140VX4

For those looking for a large capacity washing machine the Panasonic NA-140VX4 could fit the bill with its 10kg wash load and 1400rpm spin speed.

Panasonic washing machines are available from specialist Panasonic branded retailers as well as more general white goods retailers. The Panasonic NA-140VX4WGB is available to order online from Appliances Direct and SSE.

There is a slightly mixed review of the Panasonic NA-140VX4 over at Expert Reviews, they seem to like Panasonic washing machines but say this machine is let down by its wash performance. No doubt this would be disputed by Panasonic who have good user reviews for the Panasonic NA-140VX4 washing machine on their web site.

Panasonic have produced the promotional video below for the 10kg NA-140VX4. In it they use lots of fancy buzz words for the features which I guess they have probably obtained trade marks for.

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