£149 Kogan Agora 4G smartphone, but what will it actually cost to get your hands on it?

I have seen news stories over the last few days about the new Kogan Agora 4G Smartphone which quote a sim free price of £149.

argora 4g

Those writing the articles are comparing it to the new 4G version of the Motorola Moto G which also sells at £149. On paper the Kogan Agora 4G looks the better specified with a larger screen, higher resolution camera and expandable memory. The Android 4.4 powered Agora 4G is produced in association with BenQ, a name known in computer hardware circles.

I decided to look at the Kogan web site to find out more. For those not familiar with Kogan they are an Australian mail order company.

Over on the UK version of the Kogan web site there is the Agora 4G smartphone priced at £149 but is it that straight forward, well no on two counts. First is the delivery charge which is only disclosed after you put the phone in your virtual shopping cart and headed to the checkout, you then discover it will cost £25 to get the phone to you. The other thing they draw your attention to is import duties and taxes, although they do not say how much these will be. As Kogan are sending these phones from outside the European Union the courier will be responsible for collecting VAT and any other customs charges on delivery.

So the to buy the Kogan Agora 4G Smartphone is going to cost you £149 + £25 delivery + undisclosed taxes. It is starting to look like this sim free 4G smart phone is not such a bargain after all.

kogan agora 4g

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