Aldi 19″ 12 volt caravan TV with built in DVD player

Aldi are advertising that from Thursday 26th March 2015 they will be selling a 19″ LED TV that has a built in DVD player and runs on both 12 volts and mains electricity.


Aldi are describing this Freeview receiver which looks to go under their own Altius brand as a caravan TV but it would suit other people on the move who have access to a 12v DC electricity source.

There are other 12 volt 19″ TV DVD combos out there such as the Cello C19230F and Finlux 19HBE180B-NCM but they are not widely available.

If you need a TV that can be run on a car battery this Aldi Altius TV looks worthy of consideration but if I was in the market for a mains powered 19″ television I think I would rather pay a bit extra go with a major trusted brand such as the Samsung UE19H4000 which on offer at retailers such as Tesco Direct, Currys, A.O and Argos.

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