The BenQ GL2460 & GL2460HM 24″ monitors

I bought a couple of new BenQ GL2460 24″ monitors back in October 2014 and thought it worth writing to say how satisfied I am with them.

Well it is not strictly true to say I bought two of the same BenQ monitors, one was a straight GL2460 the other the slightly enhanced version the GL2460HM. The difference between these two being that the GL2460HM comes with an additional HDMI input as well as DVI and VGA and it has a pair built in speakers too. The HDMI input is useful for hooking the monitor up to any source that has this output including some tablet computers. I have tried the inbuilt speakers but as is usually the case with speakers incorporated in computer monitors the quality is not comparable to using a proper set of PC speakers.

I had spent some time comparing 24″ LED monitors before settling on the BenQ GL2460. I am using them for general office work hooked up to a desktop computer so did not see any justification in splashing out on monitors with IPS LCD panels. I seriously considered models from Asus and Philips before choosing to purchase BenQ monitors.

I ended up buying from Amazon but when purchasing monitors it is always worth checking prices at Ebuyer who are usually very competitive.


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