A Dell deskop computer system for £136? Well yes, but it’s refurbished.

A few days ago I got an email from the MightyDeals web site offering a ‘Dell Desktop PC Computer Full System‘ for just £135.99. Now that seemed worth further investigation and on visiting the link in the email I found that the offer was for a Dell desktop PC ‘Grade B refurbished condition‘.


So what is ‘Grade B refurbished condition‘? Well in simple terms ‘Second Hand‘. Here is a bit of marketing talk designed to gloss over the fact that the computer being offered will have been in daily use for some considerable time.

The photo on the web page shows a Dell Optiplex desktop computer, although it is impossible to determine which exact Optiplex model. Now the Dell Optiplex range are the ones Dell sell to major business users, they are generally very well built and reliable. Buying a second hand Dell Optiplex is actually a reasonable prospect providing it is in good condition, and of course as long as you are completely aware that you are buying a second hand machine. The price they are charging look reasonable as well, £136 + £8 delivery for a Dell Optipex base unit, keyboard, mouse and a 17″ LCD monitor with the option of a 19″ monitor for an extra £16. They say ‘various brands’ for the monitors so I guess these are second hand too and you will get what ever stock they happen to have.

One thing that makes me very wary of these machines is that they are supplied with a clean install of Microsoft XP Professional. Microsoft no longer support Windows XP so while there are millions of computers out their still using it your new purchase will have an operating system that is out of date and will not receive updates.

Despite it being presented as a marvellous offer this deal really only makes sense for the IT savvy who know exactly what they are getting. For the general everyday user I really would not go anywhere near these second hand desktop computers. Far better to go directly to the Dell web site, pay the extra any buy a new Dell Inspiron desktop or notebook computer.

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