Dimmable 4W GU10 Livarno Lux LED spotlight bulbs at Lidl

Looking at the special offers on the Lidl web site I see they are advertising a 4W GU10 Livarno Lux branded dimmable LED light bulb that will be available for a limited time from Thursday 13th November 2014. They are pricing it at £6.99 or two for £12.

Looking at the image of this GU10 LED spotlight bulb shows the specification printed on the side:

  • 4 Watt
  • 2700K
  • 280 lumens

The 4W is obviously the power they claim the bulb draws from the mains electricity supply, but what is a 4W LED bulb comparable in terms of light output compared with a halogen spotlight bulb? Well Screwfix list a dimmable LAP LED 4W GU10 on their web site and they claim it is equivalent to a 35 watt halogen spotlight bulb.

The 2700K on the side of the bulb refers to its so called ‘colour temperature’, in layman’s terms whether the bulb gives a warm orangey white light or is a harsher, colder more blueish white. The Lidl bulb with its 2700K rating will give a warm white light, the Screwfix LAP dimmable bulb has a colour temperature rating of 4000K giving a cold white light.

The actual light output of a lamp is measured in lumen. The dimmable Lidl Livarno Lux LED spotlight bulb has 280lm printed on its side whereas Screwfix quote a figure of 250lm for their dimmable 4W GU10 LED bulb.



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