Fonerange Rugged 128 SIM Free Mobile Phone

Do you break mobile phones? Are you constantly having to replace phones damaged by your lifestyle, your job or your hobby?

For those who need their mobile phone to be tougher than normal there are phones especially designed for you including the Fonerange Rugged 128 tough mobile phone.


Fonerange are best known for mobile phone accessories but they also market a range of SIM free phones including the Rugged 128 which is available from online retailers such as PrePayMania and the TV shopping channel Ideal World.

I also noticed that the Workzone Rugged mobile phone being sold by Aldi in March 20145 bears a striking resemblance to the Fonerange Rugged 128.

Being SIM free these phones are network unlocked and so you can slip in your existing contract or pay as you go SIM card. It is also dual SIM so will take two SIM cards, ideal for running two different networks if you operate in a dodgy signal area, or for separating work and private calls without carrying two phones.

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