Lexibook TV game console at Lidl

What will you be doing to entertain your family over Christmas? Well Lidl are hoping you will be playing games on your television set using the Lexibook TV game console they will be selling from December the 11th 2014, just in time for the festivities.


This games console is no Nintendo’s Wii or Microsoft Xbox, but the price reflects this.

Lidl say this unit has two hundred built in games, thirty nine of them sports based such as skiing tennis, bowling and golf, and the rest being arcade style games.

Player control is via a pair of wireless hand held units that come with the console.

I don’t know if you are familiar with Lexibook? I wasn’t and so had a search and found Argos selling several of their products including a TV game console which looks physically similar to the one Lidl are selling except it is black not white, but the Argos one has one hundred and twenty built in games.

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