Refurbished Dell Lattitude D630 laptops on sale

An email I received this morning from MightyDeals offered refurbished Dell Latitude D630 laptops for £121.99 plus £9.99 delivery.

Now I know the Dell D630 well. It was part of the Dell Latitude range aimed at large businesses, education establishments, government departments etc.

Latitude laptop computers tend to be well built, and were not cheap when originally sold so the price tag for these refurbished laptops looked inviting. Being a D630 rather than the previous D620 model also meant that it would not suffer from the Nvidia graphics chip failure that plagued the Dell latitude D620.

But one thing concerned me. The Dell Latitude D630 had been around for quite some time, the Dell Latitude E series laptops that replaced the D series have been around a while too. Looking at Wikipedia I see The Latitude D630 was launched in 2007 so these ones that are on sale as refurbished models could potentially be seven years old.

Taking their potential age into account and the fact that you would have no idea of the laptop computer’s history I would be tempted to purchase a new Dell Inspiron laptop from the Dell website rather than a refurbished one.

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