Royal Centec Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner At Lidl

On the Lidl web site they are advertising that they will be selling a Royal Centec cylinder vacuum cleaner for £39.99 from the 14th of July 2014 on one of their while limited stocks last offers.

royal centec

Investigating further I discovered a PDF instruction leaflet for the Centrec vacuum cleaner on the Lidl service web site. The first thing I noticed was this leaflet was branded Dirt Devil and it would seem this that the Royal and Dirt Devil brands are owned by the same company, Techtronic Industries, but that another company has the rights to use Dirt Devil in the United Kingdom. Techtronic Industries also own the the Vax floor care brand.

The royal Centric is a bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner with a 1.5 litre transparent dust container.

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