Russell Hobbs Tornado Upright Vacuum Cleaner At Lidl

Lidl are advertising a Russell Hobbs Tornado upright vacuum cleaner as being available in their stores from Monday 1st December 2014.

Russell Hobbs Tornado 19290

Lidl give no indication of the exact model of Russell Hobbs Tornado vacuum cleaner they will be selling but the picture on their web site matches the one for the Russell Hobbs 19290 NLS Tornado on the Russell Hobbs web site.

The Tornado 19290 does not seem to be too widely available online but as well as directly from the Russell Hobbs web site it can be ordered via Amazon.

I see the suction efficiency of this upright vacuum cleaner is quotes as 180 air watts. I suspect we will become familiar with air watts being quoted in future and this will give us a better way to compare different vacuum cleaners than going by the power rating of the electric motor inside the cleaner.

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