Silvercrest dehumidifier on sale at Lidl

One of the latest offers posted on the Lidl web site is a Silvercrest branded electric dehumidifier which they will be putting on sale for a limited period from Monday the 10th of November 2014.


There is a video on the Lidl web site demonstrating the products features which make it look keenly priced at £119. Similarly priced dehumidifiers from retailers such as Currys, Screwfix and Tesco look to have lower capacities.

This Lidl dehumidifier has an adjustable target humidity from 30% to 80% and a 7 litre water collection reservoir.

Suffering from a condensation problem at home I have owned and used an electric dehumidifier for years, a Korean made Currys own brand Matsui model, and found it very useful.

For those wondering how these electric dehumidifiers work the mechanism is not unlike that of a fridge with a compressor pumping refrigerant through a system of exposed pipes. Air is drawn into the unit from the room by an inbuilt fan and as it passes over the refrigerated tubing moisture condensates forming a frost on the pipes. Periodically the compressor shuts down, the tubes warm and defrost, and the resulting collected water drips down into the built in collector ready to be taken and emptied down the nearest drain.

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