Steepletone retro radios – Brighton and DAB Dorset

I was looking at the radios on sale on the Maplin web site when a bright green old fashioned looking wireless set which turned out to be the Steepletone Brighton radio with MW/LW and FM bands.


A search found mail order catalogue company LookAgain selling the Steepletone Brighton retro radio in a range of colours at a lower price than Maplin.

LookAgain also sell the similar looking Steepletone Dorset DAB radio which incorporates a DAB digital tuner as well as FM and MW. This DAB radio has a LCD display.

The Steepletone Dorset and Brighton radios are also available from

These Steepletone radios remind me of the Bush TR82BLU retro radio sold by Argos which is based on the design of a portable Bush radio that was popular many years ago.

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