USB mains and car chargers on sale at Lidl

I see supermarket chain Lidl are advertising that they will be selling Silvercrest USB chargers for just £2.99 from Thursday 12th February 2015.


These should be ideal for charging smartphones, tablets, etc.

They are offering a choice of either a mains charger built built into a single unit that plugs straight into the mains and 12 volt cigarette lighter socket car charger. Both supply their charging current via a USB socket so you will need a USB lead to connect the charger to your phone.

Now I am always suspicious of cheap USB chargers, especially mains ones, having seen pictures of some very dodgy circuitry design but coming from a major retailer like Lidl I would like to think these ones will be of reasonable quality.

Unfortunately the Lidl web site does not say what output current these USB chargers will deliver. When I bought myself a spare charger from Farnell recently I made sure I got one capable of delivering 2A so that my phone would charge in a reasonable time.

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