Wireless Amplified Headset On Sale At Aldi

I see that Aldi are currently advertising that they are selling a Wireless Amplified Headset. These comprise a docking base unit which doubles as transmitter and charger and the headset itself with inbuilt receiver.


This looks rather similar to the Silvercrest Stereo TV Listening System I wrote that Lidl were offering a few weeks back but there is one major difference.

The rechargeable headphone system Lidl were selling used infra-red technology to transmit wirelessly between the base transmitter and the headset while the current Aldi offering uses a 2.4GHz VHF radio signal to do the same job.

Looking around it seems various manufacturers offer infra red wireless television headphone systems but the only other 2.4GHz radio one I could find is the Unisar DH900 TV Listening System.

The obvious advantage of using radio waves over infra-red is that depending on the strength of the transmitted signal this may well work with the base transmitter and headset in different rooms making it suitable for listening to the radio or Hi-Fi around the house.

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