Adobe Flash Player – A gripe

My web browser has just told me there is a new update for Adobe Flash Player it wants to install. I clicked to allow the update and it came up with a box giving details and asking to press ‘OK’ to continue.


That was fair enough but what was not was the pre ticked box that if I had not un-ticked it would have let Adobe install some piece of crapware software from McAfee onto my desktop computer.

If Adobe want to be seen as a reputable company why on earth are they sinking to such depths. Trying to ‘trick’ users into installing stuff they have not asked for is despicable enough, even worse it is McAfee software it tries to bludgeon you into installing.

I have a fairly low opinion of Adobe Flash as it is. Adobe is doing itself no favours resorting to underhand tactics that catch out the average user and seriously pee off the experienced user.

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