Another dangerous LED light bulb

Following on from my recent post about a LED light bulb with a GU10 base that posed a threat of electric shock I have found another video of a potentially dangerous LED lamp.

LED lamp

This time it is a standard bayonet cap fitting lamp intended to replace a standard GLS light bulb. It is of the ‘corn cob’ design, so called because the arrangement of individual LEDs makes it resemble corn on the cob.

As you will see on the video this lamp bulb also has exposed connections and the chap making the video (AintBigAintClever) gives a rather frighting demonstration of how much power can be drawn from these. He then shows the circuit drawing of the power circuit he found on dismantling the bulb, this shows there is only a 10Ω fusible resistor and a diode between the mains and 50% of the exposed LED connections.

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