What’s inside a Pace 2500S3 Sky digibox receiver

Have you ever wondered what is inside a Sky television ‘digibox’ digital receiver box?

Well if you have photos of what I found when I opened mine up are posted below.

I have had this Pace Sky digibox receiver for some years, it is what Sky Television replaced my old analogue receiver with when they swapped me over to digital satellite TV.

The top cover is held on by three phillips head screws on the back of the unit. The front fascia panel easily unclips with just three plastic tabs holding it in place.

The power supply pcb can be seen on the right of the case, with a pluggable lead connecting it to the main pcb.

The vertical pcb mounted on the main board is the satellite dish antenna in board. The square pcb mounted in the front middle of the main pcb is the subscription smart card reader.

Internal view – Pace 2500S3 Sky digibox receiver
Front panel pcb – Pace 2500S3 Sky digibox receiver

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