Haynes – The Washing Machine Manual

The mention of Haynes Workshop Manuals summons up thoughts of raised car bonnets and tinkering with petrol engines but the Somerset based publisher Haynes have produced a lot of useful manuals for other things found in the home and garage too.

Washing machine manual

I was reminded of this when I pulled my copy of The Washing Machine Manual by Haynes from my bookshelf. Written by Graham Dixon this Haynes manual was first published in 1988 and several updated editions were produced. My copy is one of the early ones but most editions seem to be available to purchase on Amazon.

Flicking through my copy I was stuck by how the basic functions and components have not changed over the years. Probably the biggest difference is the replacement of mechanical Crouzet timers and face cam timers with microprocessor controlled computerised control over the washing process.

The other noticeable difference is in the list on the front cover of manufacturers covered, gone are names like Bendix and Fagor, in have come the likes of Beko, LG and Samsung.

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