What is inside E23A and A27 12 volt alkaline batteries?

Wandering around a branch of 99p Stores and spotted the pack below among the display of batteries on sale. Five assorted Daewoo specialist alkaline batteries as often used in remote key fobs, etc. I have a doorbell push that uses a E23A battery so getting a spare along with some other batteries for 99p seemed worthwhile.

The pack consisted of one 12 volt A27 battery, two 1.5 volt LR1 batteries which are also sometimes known as N cells, and two 12 volt E23A (or A23) batteries.


Now I only needed one E23A battery not two, and I was curious as to how you fit a 12 volt battery into such a small package so I decided to sacrifice one of them.


The first step was to peel off the shiny outer label revealing a metal casing with a seam.


I carefully levered the casing open with a small flat bladed screwdriver. Beneath the metal cylinder was a black plastic later which acted as an insulator, beneath the insulator eight individual alkaline button cells as seen below. Now alkaline cells have a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts so put eight in series and you have a 12 volt battery (8 x 1.5 = 12).


In the picture below all the individual components are laid out, the parts are:

  1. 8 x LR932 alkaline 1.5v cells
  2. 2 metal studs that sit at each end and act as battery terminals
  3. 3 washers, one red and one black plastic to indicate positive and negative terminals, and one metal.
  4. 1 black plastic insulation sheet
  5. 1 metal case.

It is interesting to note the metal case is printed on on the inside. Used the other way around it makes the pre-printed casing for an 27A battery.


I then did the same with the smaller A27 battery which turned out to have exactly the same construction apart from using smaller LR632 cells.


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