Light bulbs – Incandescent vs Compact Fluorescent vs LED

I should probably write an article on the differences between, and the pros and cons of the three light bulb technologies, the traditional incandescent bulb, the CFL (compact fluorescent) and the new LED light bulbs. Until I actually get around to writing it the YouTube video below does a good job of outlining how they each work.

The only thing I should add is the need for caution when buying a mains LED light bulb. Purchase a major brand from a reputable outlet and you should have no problems with performance, reliability or safety. On the other hand there are loads of cheapish LED lamps being offered that are suspect on one or more of these grounds. I have seen videos of LED bulbs that give a very unnatural hue of light making them uncomfortable to use, others where lack of heat dissipation causes early failure, and even LED lamps that have exposed contacts when in use that could lead to electric shocks.


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