How To Wire A Mains Plug

Back in the not too distant past when you bought a new television or toaster it would come without a plug on the end of the mains cable. Some retailers might fit one for you if you were lucky but normally you had to buy a plug and fit it yourself.


Over the years I have come across many badly home wired plugs, some being downright dangerous. Not bothering to use the screw down cable clamp was a favourite trick, one that MK tried to eliminate by introducing a screwless clamp although the premium price of the MK plug meant those who would benefit most from it probably would not be the ones who bought it.

These days electrical goods have to have a mains plug fitted when they are sold, and most manufacturers use moulded plugs that cannot be rewired. However there may be occasions when you need to wire up a new mains plug and would like advice on how to do so safely. The video below created by Irish retailer Woodies DIY takes you through the process in straightforward steps.

One point they mention in the video that is worth reiterating is that the correct size fuse for the appliance should be fitted in the plug. The fact that the plug came with a 13 amp fuse does not mean this is the right one for your equipment, refer to the instruction book and fit a 3 amp or 5 amp fuse if that is what is called for.

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