Revealing the hidden BBC Test Card on Freeview

Did you realise that on most Freeview televisions, PVRs and set top boxes you can enter a hidden mode that displays on screen the widescreen BBC Test Card W?

Freeview test card

I guess it is there for the benefit of the engineering fraternity, giving them easy access to a test card for testing purposes. For those feeling naughty it could also be used to fool someone that the television programmes have gone off and been replaced with a test card.

To see the test card follow the steps below:

  1. Use your remote to switch to the “BBC Red Button” channel, this is Freeview channel 200 as I write this although it could get moved in the future.
  2. When the ‘Welcome‘ screen appears press the Yellow button on your remote.
  3. Now use the remote to switch to any other channel
  4. Use your remote to switch back to the “BBC Red Button” channel (200).
  5. When the ‘Welcome‘ screen appears press the Green button on your remote.
  6. A screen of information should appear, press the Green button on your remote again and up pops BBC Test Card W.
  7. To escape from the test card you may well have to power the Freeview receiver down from the remote and power it back up again.

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