Swapping the drain pump on a Beko washing machine

I spotted the video below made by Buyspares demonstrating how to replace the drain pump on a Beko washing machine and thought it worth sharing.

New washing machine drain pumps can be ordered online from reputable mail order parts dealers such as Buyspares.

So you have a washing machine that will not drain, what is the problem? Well chances are it is not a faulty drain pump as most drainage issues are caused by blockages.

beko drain pump

Your first step in solving the issue should be checking the drain pump filter located near the base of the washing machine at the front. You should drain the water out manually before removing the filter if you can as if you do not it will empty rapidly and messily as soon as you remove the drain filter. If you are lucky your washing machines will be fitted with an emergency drain hose under the filter flap which makes emptying the water out of a faulty washer easy.

If you have checked the filter and hoses for blockages without success there is still a good chance that something is blocking the pump impeller but you will need to remove the pump to check this.

Watch the video below a couple of times and if you feel confident to go ahead do so, after making sure your washing machine is unplugged of course.

Even though it shows the steps for a Beko appliance it should give a good idea of what is involved if you have a different make of washing machine.

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