The BT Broadband Accelerator (I-Plate), is there an alternative?

BT offer a gizmo they call a Broadband Accelerator or I-Plate which aims to increase the speed of your broadband by filtering out interference on the line.

The I-Plate is fitted to the master telephone socket in your house, an easy diy job. BT will only sell them to existing BT broadband customers but they are widely available from on-line retailers via both Amazon and Ebay.

So is the I-Plate worth buying and fitting? After a bit of research it seems that as I suspected it works by adding a choke to the sockets bell wire.


Interference introduced by the bell wire is a well known issue and another solution which costs nothing is written about on several web sites. The bell wire (or ring wire) is a throwback to when telephones had a actual physical bell inside them rather than the sounders used in modern phones. If you do not have a phone with the old style bell, and very few will have these days, then the bell wire can simply be disconnected.

Here are two sites that explain how to remove the bell wire (obviously at your own risk).

  1. Thinkbroadband
  2. Broadband-Speedup

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