Is the £2.99 Lidl mains USB charger any good? Here is what I found.

Visiting supermarket chain Lidl I spotted they had USB mains chargers on sale for just £2.99. I normally warn against cheap chargers but coming from a giant supermarket chain I thought this worth a look and purchased on.

On removing it from its packaging it seems solidly built but how would it perform charging my android smartphone? The label on it says it is a 2.1A charger so that was good sign. I have previously written about using the Ampere Android app to see charging rates and so used this to compare the Lidl charger to the Tesco Hudl charger I had previously tested and found gave good charging rates.

So how did the cheap Lidl USB charger do? Well not quite as well as the Hudl charger but the difference in charging rate was minor and I was really impressed at how well such a cheap unit performed.

I am seriously tempted to take the Lidl USB charger apart to see how well it is constructed but do not see a way of doing this without destroying it.

Lidl USB charger

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