Argos promoting the Whirlpool WWDC8146 8KG washing machine, but what about the Whirlpool WWDC9440 instead?

Argos are promoting the Whirlpool WWDC8146 8KG 1400rpm spin speed washing machine in what looks like a short term deal. I wondered what others were charging for the WWDC8146 Whirlpool washing machine but it looks like this particular machine may well be an Argos exclusive model. What I did find was various retailers selling the 9Kg wash load, 1400rpm spin […]

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BeeWi StormBee Bluetooth Helicopter – Control it with you Android or iPhone mobile or tablet

I have been really impressed by the tiny remote control helicopters that are available quite cheaply these days, models such as the Syma S107. Now most of these use infra-red remote control units and receivers but BeeWi do things a little differently and instead control their model helicopter’s functions via Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth means that their is no separate remote […]

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