Duracell rechargable batteries, are some of them Sanyo Eneloop batteries in disguise?

Sanyo Eneloop batteries are ‘low self-discharge‘ NiMH rechargeable batteries which have gained quite a reputation. The ‘low self-discharge‘ bit means unlike traditional NiMH batteries they do not rapidly self discharge after you charge them up.

Now other brands also sell ‘low self-discharge‘ NiMH batteries, but Sanyo Eneloop, or Panasonic Eneloop as they have been re-branded now Panasonic own Sanyo, are regarded by many as the original and the best.

So what is this about Duracells being Eneloops?

Well it seems some people have been doing some detective work. They noticed that Duracell ‘low self-discharge‘ NiMH rechargeable batteries differed between packs. Some were marked as made in China, others made in Japan. Some were white on the top by the positive terminal, some were black.

Comparing pre-charged Duracell NiMH rechargeable batteries with Eneloop ones has led many to believe that Duracells with white tops that are marked ‘Made in Japan‘ are actually Eneloop rechargeables wearing a Duracell jacket. Those who subscribe to this look out for cheap special offers on Duracell batteries in the shops and snap them up if they are Japanese made with white ends.

Now I have not done any research myself but Googling ‘Duracells rebadged Eneloops’ brings up plenty of people that believe it is true, and that Sony CycleEnergy AA batteries may be similarly relabled Eneloops.

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