Where are Finlux televisions made?

Someone recently drew my attention to an attractive deal on a Finlux television. “Finlux” I thought to myself “Now there is a blast from the past“.

Back in the 70’s when colour TV was becoming common in the UK the colourfully named ‘Finlux Peacock‘ range was on sale. Back in those days Finlux was based in Finland and that is where they manufactured their TV sets.


Then in the 1990s the Scandinavian television manufacturing industry consolidated. Finlux, along with Salora and Luxor, came under the control of the Finnish company Nokia until they decided to abandon televisions and concentrate on making Nokia mobile phones.

The Finlux brand name changed hands, and then in 2006 it was sold to the giant Turkish electrical and electronics company Vestal.

So there you have it, today’s Finlux televisions are assembled by Vestal in Turkey. Vestal then market them in the UK through their ‘Finlux Direct‘ web site which proclaims ‘Est. 1964‘.

Established 1964‘? That’s pretty cheeky isn’t it? Yes the first Finnish made TV set to bear the ‘Finlux‘ name appeared in 1964, but the brand name is all it shares with today’s Turkish made flat screen LCD televisions.

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