So who makes Polaroid televisions?

A couple of years ago I noticed Polaroid branded television sets on sale on the shelves of my local ASDA supermarket.

ASDA also sell other domestic electronic goods and accessories under the Polaroid brand name too.

Now the Polaroid company founded in 1937 by Edwin Land that made polarised sunglasses and the Polaroid instant film camera went bankrupt in 2001 and the firm bearing the Polaroid name that followed also filed for bankruptcy in 2008. It would seem the company that acquired the rights to the Polaroid name has licensed the use of the brand in the UK to ASDA.

I was curious to know who is making the Polaroid TV sets ASDA sell so while I was in store I decided to have a look for clues. I examined a sealed box and discreetly looked at the label on the back of a display set. The label proclaimed ‘Made for Asda‘ but I could not find anywhere it said where these sets are made.

If anyone knows the country of origin of these Polaroid TV sets I would love to know, the name of the manufacturer would be appreciated too.


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