How do you recycle energy saving compact fluorescent light bulbs?

So how do you dispose of those compact fluorescent energy saving light bulbs you are using in your home when they finally give up the ghost and stop working?


With the old traditional incandescent light bulbs it was simple, the filament went pop, the bulb stopped working, you replaced it and tossed the old one in the rubbish bin.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are different, they contain a tiny amount of mercury and thus are classed as ‘Hazardous Waste’. As tempting as it may be to dispose of them with the rest of your household garbage they need to be sent for recycling so that the mercury can be safely extracted.

So what do you do to recycle compact fluorescent bulbs? Well the CoBRA Recolight web site has a post code search facility which will tell you where your nearest drop off point for recycling energy saving light bulbs are located.

Compact fluorescent bulbs are transitional technology when it comes to the switch to energy saving lighting with LED light bulbs becoming more widely available all the time. LED bulbs do not pose the same disposal hazards but in the meantime however inconvenient it is we need to think about exactly how we get rid of dead light bulbs.

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