Tesco and Slovakian televisions

Wandering around a mid sized Tesco supermarket yesterday I stopped by the display of boxed television sets.


As well as a couple of 22″ TVs from Samsung and Toshiba there were eye catching green boxes containing Tesco own brand Technika televisions. There were 22″ and 24″ screen sizes both of which were offered as a straightforward television or with a built in DVD player.

Curious to know who made these Technika TVs I set about examining the boxes for clues. Would the be Turkish made Vestal TV sets, or might they have come out of a factory in China? The answer was no, the boxes stated ‘Made in Slovakia’ so these were Eastern European televisions.

Now I believe a couple of the big Asian electronic brands have manufactured in Slovakia but I strongly suspect these budget end of the market televisions are made by UMC which stands for Universal Media Corporation Slovakia. According to the UMC web site they are also responsible for making the Blaupunkt television sets often seen on offer in supermarkets.

Of course with Technika being an in house Tesco brand other Technika products will be sourced from other manufaturers, and the next generation of 22″ and 24″ Technika TV sets could well come from a different supplier.

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