Brightly coloured USB leads, easy to find, difficult to ‘borrow’!

If you have several different USB leads lying around with different connectors for different bits of technology how easy is it to find the one you need when you want it?

I had this problem with a mobile phone and Hudl tablet computer which hook up to my computer via a USB micro-b connector and a little hand held bar code scanner that uses a USB mini-b plug. I had black USB leads for both and had to check if I had grabbed the right one each time until I remembered having an old beige coloured USB mini-b to USB-A lead stored away.

I was reminded of this when I spotted a bright orange USB lead on the Deal Extreme web site.

A brightly coloured USB lead would be easy to spot. It could also be useful for those work situations where colleagues ‘borrow’ leads off of your desk and forget to return them, it would be hard to deny if your personal lead was bright pink or vivid orange.

Deal Extreme are based in the Far East but rather closer to home I see 7 Day Shop stock a range of coloured USB cables.

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