Watching British TV while you are abroad

Have you ever wished you could watch your favourite television programme while you were abroad. Wanted to catch up on Coronation Street when holidaying on the Algarve or pined for Newsnight while on a business trip to New York?


Maybe you have tried using BBC iPlayer on a laptop or tablet computer and discovered that it sneakily realises you are not in the United Kingdom and does not work displaying a copyright notice instead.

This is where the web site comes in offering a paid service that they say gets around broadcasters blocking IP addresses outside of the official broadcast region. say they do this by connecting you to the TV service you want to watch via their UK based servers using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

I can see the attraction of this and would be tempted to make use of it myself but I suspect that the content providers would not be enthusiastic about this circumnavigation of international agreements and licences.

As well as British TV have similar services covering Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Slovakian and American (USA) television services.

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