So who makes Servis washing machines, fridges and cookers?

Servis is a brand that many of us will remember from the past alongside the likes of Hoover and Hotpoint they were known for their Servis washing machines .


Servis seemed to disappear but recently the brand has reappeared on a range of domestic white goods.

This is a result of the brand name changing hands, the Servis fridge freezers of today share no heritage with those of yesteryear. Let us take a brief look at the history of the Servis brand name.

Servis started out as a British manufacturing company way back in 1929 and remained so for many years. It was this British company that was the first to put an electronic microcomputer controlled timer in their Servis Quartz washing machines instead of electro-mechanical timer mechanisms.

In 1991 Servis went into liquidation and were bought by the Italian white goods firm Antonio Merloni who made appliances under the Servis name up until Servis again went bust in 2008.

It would seem that the Turkish manufacturer Vestel saw some value in the Servis name as they acquired the rights to it. Vestal are are marketing a wide range of white goods under the Servis logo including washing machines, dishwashers, fridge freezers and both electric and gas cookers.

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