The Argos Bush TR82BLU radio and its 1950s ancestors

These days the Bush brand name is owned by the parent company behind Argos which is why they sell so many Bush products.

Bush MB60 Radio – By: Keith Williamson

One popular one is the Bush Retro FM Radio model number TR82BLU. This is a FM/MW/LW radio which can either be run on mains electricity or a nine volt PP9 battery.

With its large tuning dial and cream plastic case this retro Bush radio looks like it comes from the 1950’s or 1960’s, and there is a good reason for that. The Bush TR82BLU is the revival of a classic design by the Ogle company who also designed the iconic Raleigh Chopper bicycle and the Reliant Robin three wheeled car.

The case was first used in 1957 by the original Bush Radio company for their red and cream MB60 battery/mains portable wireless shown in the main picture. Below is a YouTube video which shows a Bush MB60 radio in action.

The MB60 valve radio was replaced in 1959 by the TR82C transistor radio which came in a blue and cream version of the same Ogle case. The TR82C was a battery powered radio based on a Super-Heterodyne circuit which could be tuned across the medium and long wavebands. There is also a YouTube video featuring the TR82C below which shows the insides of the radio including its Mullard transistors and Plessy capacitors.

Bush MB60 Radio

Bush TR82C Radio

More information on these two Bush radios can be found on the Radiomuseum web site who have pages dedicated to both the MB60 and TR82C.


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