The man with one video tape

Back in the early 1990s I worked for a time for a high street television retailer which disappeared years ago and I will not name.

By: Pete

This was the era when VHS video recorders were commonplace and the only way for folks to time shift TV programmes, hard disk PVRs and services like the BBCs iPlayer had not been invented.

One day an older chap came in to complain the video recorder he had bought from our shop several years earlier was no longer working. It soon became obvious he was going to pick our brains to find out what had gone wrong before deciding if he would pay for a repair. We questioned him about the symptoms his VCR was displaying and how he used the machine and it soon became apparent that all those years ago when he managed to wangle a free own brand E180 video tape to seal the deal, and that this was the only video tape he had ever owned. From what he told us it became apparent this single tape had been used over and over so many times that he had managed yo wear it out.

Persuading him he needed to buy another tape was not easy and he only did so reluctantly after we had promised he could bring it back for a refund if it did not cure the fault, we never saw him again.

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