£19.99 Silvercrest dehumidifier at Lidl

Lidl are selling a small Silvercrest dehumidifier for just £19.99 as one of their weekly special offers. May seems an odd month to be selling dehumidifiers but I suspect Lidl are pitching this at people who own caravans and motorhomes.


This is a tiny unit compared to the one Lidl were selling recently which only extracts a maximum of 170ml of moisture from the air daily and has a 370ml water reservoir. For this reason it is not really suitable for many situations where dampness is a problem.

As an alternative Coopers of Stortford sell a couple of different sized mini-dehumidifiers.

These tiny portable dehumidifiers use a technology known as Peltier for moisture extraction rather than the compressors found in the larger rather more useful dehumidifiers sold by companies such as Screwfix and Argos.

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