Argos advertising Bush 40″ Full HD television

I see Argos are heavily advertising a 40 inch full HD Bush television (catalogue No. 297/8374) at what looks a very good price.


Now the Bush brand these days is owned by the parent company of Argos so in effect this is an own brand television. I wondered who is making these large screen TV sets for Argos.

Looking at the Q&As for the product on the Argos web site I gleaned that the model number of this TV is BUS-40/233I-WB-5B2-FHKUPS-UK. Well the BUS obviously stands for ‘Bush‘ but would the rest reveal anything? A web search for ‘40/233I‘ throws up results for the Blaupunkt BLA-40/233I, a 40″ Full HD television on sale from dealers such as Pixmania and

Could the Bush BUS-40/233I and Blaupunkt BLA-40/233I be related? View the pictures of the two models on the Argos and web sites from front, back, side and above and they look suspiciously similar.

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