Blomberg products on sale at local Euronics dealers

I have noticed recently that the full page adverts that an independent electrical dealer has put in the weekly local newspaper has featured Blomberg washing machines, dishwashers and other domestic appliances.


So who are Blomberg? Well their logo in the newspaper advert declares “Blomberg seit 1883” which translates from German to English as “Blomberg since 1883” so it initially looks like this is a company with a long heritage. But hang on, a bit of digging around reveals that while Blomberg did indeed originate in Germany in the nineteenth century these days the ‘Blomberg’ brand name is owned by the huge Turkish manufacturing company Arçelik.

Arçelik sell their goods under various brand names including Grundig, another famous German brand they acquired, and the ubiquitous Beko.

Looking into the Blomberg branded white goods reveals that in the UK they are distributed by the Euronics buying group who supply goods to independent electrical retailers throughout Britain and in other European countries.

Beko WM8063 Display Panel

Beko WM8063 Display Panel

While I browsed the range of Blomberg washing machines online my eye was caught by the 8kg wash load 1400rpm spin speed Blomberg WNF8441AE20. The thing that grabbed my attention was the layout of the control panel and particularly the display panel which at first glance looks identical to the displays on the Beko Excellence range of washing machines, the button layout looked very similar too.

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