Build your own 3D printer – 3D Create & Print partwork magazine

Have you seen the TV advert about building your own 3D printer? ‘3D Create & Print‘ is one of those weekly partworks where each week along with the magazine you get another component towards building your printer. The TV advert shows a chess-piece being created to illustrate what the finished printer is capable of creating.

This looked really interesting but I wondered how many weekly magazines would you need to buy and at what cost? The web site FAQ section held the answers.

Q How many issues are there in the collection?
A Your 3D printer will be complete in 90 issues.

Ninety issues! That means it will be the best part of two years before you complete this project and finish construction of your new 3D printer.

Q How much does it cost to subscribe?
A The pricing in the UK is; Issue 1 £1.99, and Issue 2 onwards is £6.99. Issues 53 and 59 contain the circuit boards and will be at £14.99 each due to the extra cost of these sophisticated items. If you would like to subscribe you can do so via our subscribe page.

So after the first week you will be paying at least £6.99 for each new instalment.

If we do the maths:

(1 x £1.99) + (2 x £14.99) + (87 x £6.99) = £624.10

So it will cost you over six hundred pounds. I wonder how many who start enthusiastically will make it to completion?

So how else can you get a 3D printer?

3D printers are actually available to buy  ready made from major suppliers such as Ebuyer and Maplin who have models that are cheaper than the magazine self build one. as I write this Ebuyer are selling the XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer for under five hundred pounds.

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