Bush F621QW 6KG 1200rpm spin washing machine at Argos

I went to an Argos store yesterday and outside there was a big poster advertising their Bush F621QW 6KG wash load 1200rpm spin speed washing machine for just £169.99.

Now Bush started out making radio receivers in Shepherd’s Bush, London in 1932. Since then the brand has changed hands several times, at on point being part of Rank Bush Murphy group. These days the Bush brand name is owned by Home Retail Group, owners of Argos and Homebase, who use it on a range of own brand goods including washing machines.

So who actually makes the Bush F621QW for Argos? Well among the images on the Argos web page for this item is one of the rear of the machine showing the label with model details and serial number. Blowing it up as I have done below reveals what looks like “Made in XXX” on the right hand side. It is blurry but I think I can make out what the country is and if I am right then it could well be one of two major manufacturers based in that country.

Looking at the web site of spare supplier BuySpares suggests past Bush washing machines have been made by Haier but I would expect a different country of origin if the F621QW was produced by them.


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