Cartronic infrared remote control gyro helicopter at Lidl

From the 27th of November 2014 Lidl are offering a Cartronic gyro toy helicopter for £19.99. This is a small rechargable model helicopter controlled by an infra red remote control suitable for flying indoors.


Lidl offered a similar infrared remote control helicopter just before Christmas last year. At the time there was speculation about its similarity to the Syma S107 remote helicopter and it was noted that other retailers including were selling the Syma S107 for a lower price than the Lidl Cartronic helicopter.

This years Cartronic helicopter does look different to the Syma S107 but the remote control pictured on the Lidl web site looks the same as the one supplied with some Syma helicopters.

These miniature infrared helicopters are powered by a built in rechargeable battery which is charged from any USB socket via a lead which is supplied. The remote unit takes standard AA batteries.

A quick update: 7DayShop are advertising remote control helicopters for £8.99, these are KingCo K10 branded. Click here to take a look.

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