Digihome 50″ Full HD Smart TV looks suspiciously familiar

In the marketing email I received from Ebuyer today they are advertising a Digihome 50″ Full HD Smart TV for £359.99. Now at first glance that looks a pretty good price for a large screen feature packed television, but being curious I looked to see what else is out there.


Well first I spotted the Hitachi 50HYT62U 50 Inch Full HD Freeview HD Smart LED TV on sale for £349.99 on the Argos web site.

I next visited Currys online where I found the JVC LT-50C740 Smart 50” Full HD LED TV priced at £349.00.

Then I noticed something interesting. All three online sellers have pictures of the rear connection panel for their particular 50″ Smart TV, and they all look identical. Aerial socket, SCART socket, VGA socket, LAN socket and two HDMI sockets in exactly the same positions with almost identical printed labels. Do these three televisions use the same circuit board? Have all three come out of the same factory? I would imagine the answer is ‘almost certainly’!

Obviously there may be subtle circuit differences inside, and they may use different LCD display panels, which only adds to the confusion if you are looking for a low priced 50″ Full HD Smart TV. Which of these would you go for? The DigiHome LCF501080SNBSMART, the JVC LT-50C740, or the Hitachi 50HYT62U?

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