A ‘Very’ good deal on a Indesit fridge freezer?

Over the last couple of days I have noticed an advert on TV for the mail order catalogue company Very focusing on a fridge freezer that is much reduced in price.


Pop over to the Very web site and it would seem the actual fridge freezer they are promoting is the Indesit CAA55L which is a 55cm wide slimline unit with a 150 litre net capacity refrigerator sat above a 84 litre net capacity freezer.

Now Very are advertising the Indesit CAA55L at £219 plus £6.95 delivery. Now I cannot find anyone currently charging less that £219 for the Indesit CAA55L but both John Lewis and ao.com are also pricing this Indesit fridge freezer at £219 and both offer free delivery.

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