Hoover VTS715D21X washing machine advertised on TV by Currys

I keep catching an advert for Currys on TV at the moment in which they promote a Hoover washing machine they are selling for £239.

Hoover Vision Tech

Looking at the Currys web site the washing machine in the offer would seem to be the Hoover Vision Tech VTS715D21X which takes a 7kg wash load and has a 1500rpm spin speed.

The Hoover Vision Tech VTS715D21X gets good reviews from purchasers on the Currys web site.

Looking around I could not find anyone else selling this particular model but AO.com sell the very similar Hoover Vision Tech VTS714D21 for the same price. The main difference between the two would seem to be the spin speed with the VTS714D21 coming in at 1400rpm.

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